Everything in nature is moving in cycles; from the microcosmos’ of our bodies and psyches, to the macrocosmos of the Universe itself. By getting to know these cycles intimately we can flow more intuitively through life, in unison with the energetic flows of the rest of Nature.


In this web course, holistic women’s health expert Siri Kalla and astrologer Florence Devereux will explore the cyclic movement through forming an intimate relationship to two of Nature’s cycles: the celestial cycle of the Moon, and menstrual cycle in the female body - two cycles that myth and tradition have always woven together.

This journey consist of 6 hours of video material, divided over 6 sessions:


Session 1: Introduction and opening ceremony

Siri opens the space with prayer and a meditation. She invite us into the cyclic way of thinking, and speak about how a more cyclic way of being in relationship to ourselves and the Earth has been an integral part of ancient cultures - lost only in more recent times. She presents the idea that a return to an intimate relationship to the cycles of Nature is a necessary step in healing our relationship to both ourselves and the planet.


Session 2: Celestial Cycles

Florence initiate us into the mysteries of the skies - the concept of astrological cycles, and how they affect us. She introduce us to the Moon’s 27 days cycle, the energetical cycle of waxing and waning of our celestial sibling - the most archetypal cycle in the night sky. Florence will guide us through the different nuances of this cycle, and how it affects us in our daily lives.


Session 3: The Menstrual Cycle

Siri brings us along on a deep dive into how the menstrual cycles actually functions. She walks us through the physiological and hormonal changes going on each cycle in the female body, and guides us in forming an intimate relationship with our magical wombs. We finish with having a close look at the more energetic movement of the menstrual cycle - and how it is corresponds to the moon cycle and to other cycles in Nature.


Session 4: Living with the moon cycle

Florence presents us to the more practical aspects of charting the moon cycle - how to integrate a practice of following the moon into our daily lives, and how to know under which moon phase we were born and how that affects our way of relating to ourselves and others. She speaks about the deep gifts that can be accessed by befriending the Moon and her cycles.


Session 5: Living with the Menstrual Cycle

Siri guides us to how we can develop an intimate relationship with and knowledge about our own bodies and menstrual cycle - by the practice of Fertility Awareness charting and learning to recognise our physiological signs of fertility. She also introduce us into how we can create our own cyclical rituals, and how such a practice helps us embody our personal cyclical nature.


Session 6: A Conversation about Integration, and Closing Ceremony

Florence and Siri finish the course with a conversation about how we can integrate practices of cyclic living into our daily lives - referring to challenges and growth experienced on their own life journeys towards cyclical awareness. We finish the course with a closing meditation, held by Florence, where we let this newly gained cyclical wisdom sink in deeply.


Warmly welcome to join us on this journey of attuning ourselves to the cyclical movement of Nature, cosmos and our bodies. A journey that will bring us more energy and flow in life - because when we work together with the cycles of Nature, we gain the support from the energetic movement of the whole Universe.




About the teachers:


Siri M. Kalla is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and coach in holistic hormonal health. She has a deep dedication to teaching about how we can live in harmony with our menstrual cycle, and treat our menstrual bodies with nurturing love and respect.

Siri is a trained Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse College International in Canada, and a certified Fertility Awareness Educator through Association for Fertility Awareness Practitioners. Her training has given her substantial knowledge in holistic physiology, endocrinology, nutrition and menstrual cycle charting. She also has a decade of experience from working with her own cycle.

In her practice she is working to support women in finding back to a loving and nurturing relationship to themselves and their bodies, and her experience is that our relationship to our menstrual cycle plays a key role in our relationship to ourselves. She has founded Our Fertility as a platform for this work - a place to a place to meet, develop skills, build knowledge and find information and inspiration about Fertility Awareness and holistic reproductive health.

In addition to her work with Fertility Awareness, she is a practitioner of nature based spirituality. She has 17 years of experience from a dedicated personal practice, is trained in energetic work, and is co-facilitating ceremonies and retreats for women. Siri is also active in the permaculture and environmental movement, and experience her work with women’s health as deeply intertwined with her work for a healthier planet.

Learn more about Siri and Fertility Awareness at https://www.ourfertility.no/

Florence Devereux is an astrologer, artist and curator. Astrology found her when she was 17 years old, through a great artist and friend, Carmen Galofrè, who later became her mentor. Astrology is an ancient and effective tool to gain self awareness. Through it’s symbology we can tune into our unconscious patterns and potentials and mend our relationship with ourselves and to create a healthy foundation from which to contribute to the evolution of consciousness. She committed herself to the astrological path and has been mentored by fantastic teachers such as Carmen Galofrè, Gemini Brett, Erol Weizner, the Facalcity for Astrological Studies and more. Florence has been working one-to-one with clients for 5 years and teaching for 3. She integrates her foundation in Jungian theory, esoteric and psychological astrology and practices that she has learned from wisdom keepers through her time spent at Schumacher College in Devon.

Living With Cycles: From Cosmos to Body

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